Agency Management Solutions
Every agency has its goals, business plan, vision, and challenges. Developing customized management applications is the basis for meeting these challenges and building a line that strengthens the business plan.


Physicians, Private Clinics, Pharmacies, and Labs
Developing applications on a secured cloud server communicating with databases to store vital data and patient records. Generating simple and complex cross-reports and analysis of medical data at scale. Digitizing patient experience and reducing human error.


Centers, Institutions, and Colleges
Developing custom management solutions for administration, teachers, and students. Digitizing teacher-student experience through secured and accessible data using cloud storage. Ensuring process optimization, accuracy, and cross-interactions.
  • Yuval Sive   Qualtero: VP of Sales and Marketing
    I hired Awny to run an outreach campaign to promote our services in a specific region. Beyond being a super nice guy, Awny was a true professional. He was thorough and comprehensive throughout the process. Thank you, Awny! It was a real pleasure working with you.
  • Dr. Victoria Nashash   MD, head of MENA division
    I'm pleased to recommend Awny. He worked for us on numerous projects in the digital and internet spectrums across global markets. He managed projects from start to finish. He was engaged in multiple projects at the same time as he managed the teams well. Thank you for your work.
  • Jon-Roy Sloan   NationsUniversity: Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
    I'm pleased to recommend Awny for any role in the world of digital and the Internet. I've worked with Awny for 9 years. He has demonstrated honesty, reliability, and professionalism. He has extreme abilities to learn new technologies. He's a multi-tasker and a multi-lingual.
  • Dr. Wayne Scott   Bethel University of Tennessee: Executive Vice President
    I've known Awny for 25 years and have enjoyed his friendship. Awny is distinguished as a fine and dependable employee and Christian. Awny is a joy to be around. He is a hard worker with a great attitude. I know your company would be improved with Awny being aboard.
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